Kenya Safaris and Tours

When you think of Africa with its vast wildlife, its broad Savannah, snow-capped mountains, and deep forests…you are picturing the land of Kenya. This is where time began, where we feel a primal need to return and discover our beginnings. Kenya is the heart and soul of Africa – witness its great populations of Maasai and Samburu peoples – still so close to the earth, still living their timeless traditions. Kenya is where you can delight in great herds of wildebeests and zebras, elephants, and giraffes. Here too, you can witness electrifying sightings of lions and leopards hunting their prey.

No one who has witnessed these primal forces of nature has ever forgotten its emotional hold. It’s no wonder so many visitors travel back to Kenya again and again. With its many inviting lodges and expert guides, friendly people, and developed infrastructure, Kenya holds out its arms, welcoming visitors from around the world. We at Africa Mangic Safaris live this creed of respect and love for our sacred land. And we want to share this special world with you. Find below a listing of our many tour categories below. Within each category choose the number of days for your own personal tour.

Kenya Tour Packages

kenya safaris

Experience Kenya’s wild natural parks, beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities on this 7-day small group safari. Hand-feed giraffes at Nairobi’s famous Giraffe Center, search for wildlife in the game-rich Masai Mara and stay in intimate, well-appointed lodges. LEARN MORE

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Begin your small group family safari tour in Nairobi, Africa’s 4th largest city, which is a vibrant and exciting place to be. Explore the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, known as the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa. LEARN MORE

kenya safari

Join this 10-day Luxury Kenya Safari, which starts and ends in Nairobi. Visit Kenya’s most important reserves for a safari experience. Visit the Chyulu Hills, popularly known as “Africa’s Greenhills,” and Levithan Cave, the world’s longest and deepest lava tunnel. LEARN MORE

Kenya Tour

Explore five of Kenya’s most memorable reserves and national parks on this 11-day guided wildlife safari. Your journey begins in Amboseli National Park, where we set out in search of wildlife beneath the beautiful, yet formidable Mt Kilimanjaro. LEARN MORE

Kenya Safari

Spend 13 days exploring the best of Kenya and Tanzania on this exciting small-group tour. Our tour begins in Nairobi and ends in Arusha, allowing us to experience some of East Africa’s vibrant urban centers and the fascinating national parks in between. LEARN MORE

Travel Kenya

Join this 10-day Elewana Fly-In Safari, which starts and ends in Nairobi. Have a closer look at large herds of elephants as they roam around Amboseli National Park. Witness the stunning snowcap of Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. LEARN MORE

Mara Plains Camp

Mara Plains Camp is a seven-tent camp in the 13,000-hectare Olare Motorogi Conservancy on the northern end of Maasai Mara National Reserve. Explore the broad hills, which are home to grazers like giraffes, zebras, hartebeests, and warthogs. LEARN MORE

best of Kenya and Tanzania

Follow in the footsteps of ancient explorers and local ranchers on a once-in-a-lifetime game drive and wildlife viewing excursion in the Masai Mara. Stay at Governors’ Camp, the first permanent tented camp in Africa, which has remained in its original location since 1972. LEARN MORE


Explore the Tsavo West and Amboseli National Parks in Kenya. Discover the breathtaking natural scenery of Tsavo West, which includes volcanic cones, swamps, rocky outcrops, and lava flows, as well as mountains, river forests, plains, lakes, natural springs, and woodland grassland. LEARN MORE

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is a dormant volcano that first erupted about 3 million years ago and last erupted about 2.6 million years ago. In 1997, UNESCO designated this spectacular location as a World Heritage Site. LEARN MORE


Activities like game drives allow visitors to experience Masa Marai’s natural splendor in a unique way. Many herbivores, such as elephants, giraffes, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, and impalas, congregate here in search of water and pasture. LEARN MORE

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Join the 11-Day A Walk in the Wild by Albatros East Africa and immerse yourself in the natural beauty that this region has to offer. Resting in the magnificent Great Rift Valley and presided over by the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. LEARN MORE